7 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Go To Summer Camp

Parents! Stay Alert! There’s a new dangerous gang in town that kidnaps innocent, unsuspecting children. This gang comes to town every year. And exactly at the same time: Summer break.

Before you forward a false alarm on your numerous Whatsapp family groups and school groups (Yes, now even teachers and parents of a class have their own groups), you need to know the gang I’m talking about. This gang is called “Lethargic Inertia” a.k.a. “Lazy inactivity” or “Couch Potato syndrome” and sometimes goes by the name of ‘Obesity and Dullness’.

While parents coddle their kids and hand over the remotes to TVs, Video games and ACs to their precious tots as soon as summer vacation is announced, what they are inadvertently doing is letting their children be kidnapped by laziness, dullness of mind and body and quite possibly obesity. And the only ransom in the world to free them is–Summer Camp! 

If a child is allowed to rest and lounge in peace for the entire duration of his vacation just to compensate for all the days he attended school then it not only spoils him irreversibly but makes him an invalid for the rest of his life. Instead of pampering your kids or turning them into little brats what should be the modus operandi of parents is  sending them off to Summer Camp.

Why? I’ll give you 7 reasons why:

  1. Active lifestyle: An Active child stays healthy and good health is the cornerstone of happiness.
  2. Investment for Future: Learning a new skill or a sport or even table manners is a great endeavour for future. 
  3. Responsibility & Discipline: Having a daily schedule of classes or sports practice during summer vacation makes your child more responsible and organised. 
  4. Improving Self-image : Possessing knowledge of a new language or a life skill like cooking goes a long way in creating positive self-image and boosts confidence. 
  5. Career Advancing: For teenagers who are confused about the career path they want to choose, summer vacation can be productively utilised to learn marketable skills that are career advancing such as programming languages, website design, ethical hacking, etc.
  6. Increasing Interest in Co-curricular activities for less involved kids : Not every child quickly learns how to play a sport or do karate. There are some children who are not much interested in an activity due to lack of proper instruction in school. For that reason, summer camps, with their personal attention and lower head count are the perfect solution.
  7. Gains from Personal Interaction: Not only learning a new skill but even interacting with other kids of your age and building friendships develops social ease and helps in overcoming awkwardness and shyness that is quite common among many children as they enter in their teens. 

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