Jaipur isn’t just a city – – it’s a culture. A culture as old as Rajput royalty and as rich and vibrant as the kaleidoscopic garbs of our Rajasthani “Ghoomar” dancers.

 Three Highlights of my city : the Pink City that tourists would be interested in knowing are :

Jaipur is a perfectly astounding combination of mind, body and soul satiating the intellectual, sensory and spiritual sensibilities of tourists who are welcome with open and embracing arms.

1. Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur city is the rendezvous to three bosom friends: Theatre, Art and Music. Theatre is a form of art that flows through the veins of Jaipurites, with seasoned actors performing at JKK stage including  Jaipur’s very own international star who’s starred in movies like (Life of Pi, Jurassic Park, The Amazing Spider Man and many more)- Irrfan.

Music is another performance art which is the center of attraction not only in JKK but also in Central Park with the organisation of “Music at the Park” series of musical concerts for admirers of Indian classical music. Art exhibitions are regularly held in JKK along with Handicraft  exhibitions. 

2.  Raja Park: Street Fashion and Street Food capital of Jaipur. Raja Park is a commercial area in Jaipur famous for its fashion and food. With cafés and street food joints serving North-Indian, South-Indian and Chinese food on one hand to beautiful displays of high-end fashionable western outfits and Indian wear on the other, Raja Park is a starving shopper’s ultimate destination. With food that sizzles with its spices and tickles the taste buds with its sour sweetness and savoury hotness it should definitely be on a tourist’s go to place.

3: Govind Devji Temple: The local deity of Jaipur resides and is visited by thousands of devotees daily in this temple located in the walled city. The temple isn’t magnificent in it’s physical appearance but rather in the energy and aura of the faith and devotion with which people gather everyday in front of Lord Krishna (Govind) and his lover Goddess Radha, who unlike other gods in Hindu mythology, are not a married couple but the most divine and truest of all lovers. 

Despite the sounds of chantings and the ring of  bells, there’s a divine serenity in the place which is vast in acreage. In contrast to the insides, the market around the temple is bustling with activity, selling all kinds of paraphernalia for worship–including clothes for God’s  idols and  and is bargain-friendly and great for grocery shopping at discount rates.


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