Every cloud has a silver lining—the inspiring story of a bereft Jaipur family

That day started like any other—nothing out of the ordinary happened; there was no premonition of the impending tragedy. No one could have imagined the sheer magnitude of the catastrophe that befell on those five passengers in the car—least of all the passengers themselves. In what has been dubbed as the ‘‘Chomu House Circle freak accident’’,five people were crushed to death when an overloaded truck carrying salt (over the permissible limit) lost balance and fell on top of the car mortally injuring the five people. The bodies were hideously mutilated and the body parts of the victims were scraped off the road with brooms after the mishap. 

It was in the wee hours of the morning on June 6, 2017 when Rahul Sharma, a resident of Ramganj, went to pick up his fiancée Roshni, a resident of Malviya Nagarwho was accompanied by her elder sister Jyoti (32), nephew Nitesh (19) and niece Avantika (18) to see the sunrise from the hills of Nahargarh. But a cruel twist of fate left their families struggling in the aftermath of anguish and loss.

Loss of a life is never less tragic or less sorrowful, but it is more so when the lives lost are so very young and full of unrealized dreams and unfulfilled aspirations. Roshni and Rahul were supposed to start a new life together and tie the knot in a few months’ time; Jyoti was happily married and the mother to a young child; Nitesh worked at an event management firm and Avantika was just celebrating her recently announced 12th board results.

After the terrible loss of their young children, their families should feel numbing grief, sorrow and the need to take vengeance, serve retribution and get justice. Yes, the victims’ families did take to the streets in candle marches for their loved ones and organized protests against the negligence and corruption of Government officials and urging them to take serious action against the rising graph of traffic accidents caused by overloaded and over speeding vehicles.

 But Roshni’s family did not react to the injustice that fate committed against them with apathy, rather they showed an extraordinary depth of humanity in the face of grave injustice. They exemplified humanity by deciding to donate the eyes of the four members of their family—Roshni, Jyoti, Avantika and Nitesh—who died in a chillingly shocking and exceedingly tragic accident.

 Following this donation, successful Cornea transplant has already lit up the lives of three people.Palak Sharma (name changed), visually-impaired since birth, vows to become an IAS officer. “I would now be able to see the world through the eyes of Avantika. I have heard that she wanted to become a successful fashion designer. She would achieve her dreams through my eyes now”, Palak said.

The family members of the victims said that though their dear ones have been snatched away from them but their eyes would give these people a chance to see the world. Though this mishap took five innocent, deeply mourned lives but humanity still lives on.





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